Anyone who has applied a retail key to their WildStar account by today will be able to log in tomorrow and find a new account bound reward: the Facesnuggler. Anyone who has been holding off on applying a key to their account will not be eligible to have account-wide face hugs, sorry. While Carbine promises that this adorable costume item is “cringe-worthy,” I think they're really getting their adjectives mixed up here. Adorable, Carbine. You really mean adorable. Who wouldn't want a big, purple squirg with giant eyeballs gently suffocating them through love? Only the sweetest face snuggles.

OK, so it doesn't actually suffocate you – it's a costume piece. You just slap it in your head slot and go about your day, no big. But the implications that you could have some weird veiny thing suffocating you through hugs is perfect with everything else in WildStar. This game has definitely managed to make everything super weird and super cute, which is one of the reasons it's so highly enjoyable. This one month present to everyone who has applied a retail key is no different.

However, not everyone is happy with free cute things. Recently in a hotfix, the Squidora (which was visually similar), has been toned down to a teal mask with red eyes (image courtesy of Zealot711, who posted on the official forums). Since the Squidora is a costume item attained through Genetic Archives, a 20-man raid, it's understandable that people would be upset that it has been reduced from its former glory to what it is today. While it still looks pretty badass, the Squidora is no longer the super crazy looking item it was and all of us plebs who aren't even at raiding level yet can access an item to let us show off our Cthulhu love.

One theory is that what the Squidora has become is hopefully just a temporary placeholder, especially given the rarity of the item. While I do think it is a nice looking helmet as it currently stands, it's quite understandable that players will be upset that the rare item they worked towards getting is now something far less detailed and it now has a lot less of that cool factor. Criticism is saying that the model people worked hard to get is now something that's being handed to everyone.

Should Carbine change the Squidora model again and which way should they go? Right now, they have three options: revert the Squidora back to its original model, keep it as is, or add in a completely new look for it. If the Squidora is reverted, then what happens to the Facesnuggler?  

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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