SOE Super Ninja Loot Giveaway Ends in Two Days

Shayalyn wants to get to SOE Live, but her savvy boss has decided to make her work for it. Enter her contest for a chance to win cool SOE branded prizes!

An Open Letter to the Ten Ton Hammer community

My Dearest Uber Ones,

Still not me, but I am totally this heartbroken.

For many years (over 7, to be exact) I have loved you. We had a good thing going on, and I thought you loved me in return. When you saw me pleading with my boss for a trip to SOE Live in Vegas, you seemed supportive. When you said I should totally get to go, I felt as though I actually held your sweaty hand in mine, with your fingers (stained that Cheetos orange color I adore) giving me a reassuring little squeeze. How we laughed over our 6-packs of Red Bull! (In my imagination, at least.)

But now, my darlings, you have made me question your love. I asked for a simple thing. I explained how important it was to me. I told you I'd stick a fork in my eye if I couldn't have this thing. All I wanted was for you to enter a contest and follow a few social media feeds. I needed 1500 of you to show your support and fidelity. I was certain this thing was a win-win scenario. I gave you my undying love, and in return asked you to follow some stuff on Twitter and "like" Ten Ton Hammer on Facebook, which is certainly no hardship because by following those feeds you actually stay informed about up-to-the-minute happenings in MMO gaming, a thing we both love. It seemed like a more than fair exchange.

But not nearly enough of you have shown your loyalty. With only two days left before my contest closes, my trip to SOE Live is in peril. I feel as though we're headed in the wrong direction. It's not me, it's you -- you've changed. You used to want to win cool prizes like an SOE laptop bag, t-shirts and other goodies. (There's even a DCUO cape, for the love of superheroes! Don't you want to replace that old bath towel you attach with safety pins with something far more stylish and worthy of your stupendous geek cred?)

It's like I don't know you anymore.

Shhh. Don't speak. The time for talking has passed; now it's time for action. Entries talk, bullshit walks, as they say. For the love of love, EverQuest, online gaming and EQ Next, enter the Super SOE Ninja Loot Giveaway. Tell all your friends to enter, too--share and retweet for great justice! Should you win, I will personally Tweet, directly to you, on-the-spot updates from Vegas. It'll be almost like being there.

I do this because I love you still.

Faithfully yours,


P.S. - In case my subtlety is lost on you, ENTER THE DAMN CONTEST!

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