Mystic Feat Tree has a new developer journal up today to start your week off.

Some times Mystics and their squads of loyal minions need a little extra help in overcoming a particularly nasty rival, which is when their summoning spells are most effective. When the knocks get a bit too hot, they can use "Lethian Bones" to summon a corpse from its grave and distract their opponent, who will direct all of their hatred at the re-animated sack of bones long enough for the Mystic to plan their next move. For that next move, they might decide to use "Summon Snakes," which summons a serpent to fight at their side. Or perhaps they could use "Summon Shade," which calls a vengeful soul back from Hades to wield the fury of the other side of the grave against their foes.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016