If you’ve played an RPG, you’ve likely experienced a cinematic cutscene and this week we get to find out how those story-driving elements work in Guild Wars 2 thanks to a new ArenaNet dev blog from Cinematic Conversations Animation Lead Chuck Jackman. Cinematic cutscenes are brief conversations between characters in-game that help tell the story and move the plot forward.

If you’ve played one of the Guild Wars 2 demos at the various conventions this year, you may have gotten a chance to try out some of the cinematic conversations, but what you experienced contained placeholder versions, so when the game launches, things will be quite different.

Jackman goes on to explain in great detail the process by which these cinematic cutscenes have been created starting from their early incarnation and tracking through their later more detailed evolution. The blog also contains two videos that will give you a brief glimpse at two different cinematic conversations in Guild Wars 2 and how emotion has been added to the scenes.

You can read Jackman's full dev blog to find out more about Guild Wars 2’s cinematic conversations.

Source: Chuck Jackman on Updated Cinematic Conversations

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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