ArenaNet Game Designer Leif Chappelle delves into the personal story creation of Guild Wars 2 and just how many different variations a player’s personal story can take. Chappelle points out that in just the first 10 levels alone, a player’s personal story can occur 30 different ways. And that number increases the more you level.

You can also bring friends along on your personal story, but the choices made within that story will remain with its owner unless you happen to be on the same step and opt to share progress, but that is completely optional.

“What if my friend made a choice I don’t agree with,” you ask? Well, you can always opt out of sharing progress, go back into your own version of that story step, and complete it how you want. That way, you can actually experience all of the story splits with a single character, while keeping your own personal progression the way you want it.

You can find out more about the Guild Wars 2 story design and get a little behind-the-scenes info in the latest ArenaNet dev blog.

Source: Guild Wars 2 - The Evolution of Narrative in Personal Story

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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