Last week we got a small teaser about the third installment, or Episode 3, for Living World Season Two. In what looks to be a massive shift in power, players will no longer experience an us watching them experience with the story's heroes, as players themselves become the heroes. Even cooler than that? You get to duke it out against a huge dragon by the name of Mordremoth, who sounds like someone who grew up on too many Godzilla movies from the 70s. Hopefully good ol' Mordy spent more on his special effects.

Somehow, though, having a giant dragon raising hell all across Tyria doesn't have the initial impact you'd think it would, so you start off by having to convince people more important than yourself that something needs to be done. “Hey, so, this dragon? We might want to stop hatin' on each other, band together, and fight it as a group effort, maybe?” And it's not just Mordy cramping hard on Tyria's style. This dragon comes with minions and all sorts of other creepy crawlies.

You see, Mordremoth is not just a dragon, but a corrupted dragon. All sorts of bad juju is going on here. The Charr were the first to experience this mess of corruption created by Mordy and minions, since Ascalon seems to be ground zero for it all. Dragons aren't your only issues, either. On top of all of this, there are also ghosts and magical anomalies to deal with. Next thing you know, some giant plant's going to snake its way out of the ground and try to strangle the life from you. Oh wait, we already had that. Tyria seems to have Australia envy, with all of this wildlife trying to kill you at every step.

Like other episodes from Living World, Episode 3 will be replayable through the Story Journal feature, which also allows you access to new sets of achievements. For more information on all of the achievements for Season 2, head on over to Guild Wars 2 Hub for all of the most up-to-date information! As new episodes unlock, our friends at the Hub are constantly updating all of their guides so you don't have to wonder what you might be missing out on.

Along with new achievements, your access to Dry Top rewards continues to be available, and with Episode 3, even more rewards will become available. According to the presser, in Episode 3 you can “begin construction of a new back item which will grow and change as your adventures continue in Episodes 3 and 4,” and that's pretty damn cool. I'm a huge fan of coming across the occasional item that grows in power alongside your character. I died so much getting the first event cloak in Guild Wars 2, because I wasn't at max level yet, but I sure as hell was determined. Working towards that brought a great sense of community to the game, as the higher level players stuck around to help us welplings, something I like to now give back in return.

Have you been playing through Season Two? What are your thoughts? Will you be working on collecting all three of the new kites? What are your predictions for Episode 4? Let us hear all about your adventures in Tyria!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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