The Dragon Festival is an awesome holiday that takes place at the Shing Jea Monastery and lasts four days, starting July 1st. The festival remembers the day when The Dragon Empire rose anew from ashes of devastation and involves a huge party at the monastery. Everyone's favorite, Rollerbeetle Racing, returns once more with a ton of other activities.

The Shing Jea Boardwalk: One of the easier ways to farm for the lucky or unlucky title, there is three different games you can play here in addition to access to the other activities.

Rollerbettle Racing: A really super fun mini-game where you race around as a rollerbeetle. The gameplay is very similar to Mario Kart and is a great way to farm tokens.

Quests/Tokens/and more!: There are a lot of different quests for various consumables, different rewards, and on the last day there is an audience with the Emperor who can award 250 Festival Tokens every two hours.

So it's a really cool holiday. If you have Guild Wars: Factions then you're going to want to come check out the fun. This year there is a new mask. It costs a total of 250 tokens, so if nothing else stop by on the last day to get your token boost and pickup the new Imperial Dragon Mask!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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