Dungeon-Focused Dev Diary from Guild Wars

To preview their first "true" expansion to Guild Wars, ArenaNet and their marketing team sent a developer diary to the Ten Ton Hammer team showcasing the expansion's underground network of life-rich dungeons. The expansion, Guild Wars: Eye of the North, will herald the return of the classic RPG style dungeon crawl to the game, and the article focuses on the permanency of events in the dungeons, the monsters you'll encounter, and much, much more! You can also view the entire collection of art and images by clicking here.

The very concept of dungeons carries a lot of baggage. We had to distill all the things that make dungeons cool while removing the parts that wouldn't work for our purposes. New design, art, and programming challenges love to rear their hideous, hydra-like heads every step of the way in game development, and dungeons have been no exception. We got our bearings and started everything in parallel, quickly prototyping and implementing dungeon mechanics such as traps, while level designers roughed out the general layouts for the rooms that would be pieced together to form the unique layouts.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016