They've come out with a brand new look and some brand new features to boot on their Official Website.

Welcome to our new website! In addition to a new look, this website features a number of great new features, and more features are slated for release in the near future!

Expanded FAQ
Our expanded FAQ should help answer all the basic questions about Hero's Journey. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please feel free to submit it.

Fansite List
We are very proud of our fansites and very grateful to their talented webmasters. See them all here! If you have an HJ fansite of your own, please add it to the list! (To add a fansite, you must have a free Hero's Journey News account.)

Fansite Kit
Still working on your Hero's Journey fansite? Our Fansite Kit can help!

Movie Snippets
Our website features three movie snippets of Hero's Journey in the upper left corner, and there are more to come!

Coming Soon!
Very soon we're looking forward to releasing our extended features section, extended lore section, and downloadable movies. Stay tuned!

Special Thanks!
Special thanks to David Whatley, Steph Shaver, and Tracy Butler for all of their hard work to bring this site to life.

Go check it out!

More News and Info on Heroes Journey

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016