Free Hero Rotation - Heroes of the Storm

There are some awesome Heroes in the free rotation this week. 

Malfurion is a middle tier support, but his ability to root (or zone enemies) combined with other Heroes like Jaina synergizes well. 

Valla is a right-click damage dealer.  She's easy to play and she always contributes. 

The once mighty Stitches, now a lower Tier Hero is still powerful on the right hands.  His hook can turn a fight in your favour before it even starts. 

Arthas is another mid-Tier Tank, but he is incredibly resilient and with the right team can contribute. 

Tyrande is an excellent support, but requires your team to work together.  

Zagara is a top Tier specialist that can deal Hero damage or push as you need.   She is always a good choice if played well. 

Illidan is a Tier 1 assassin, but he is challenging to play well.  His reliance on his team to setup plays also makes him a disaster waiting to happen in new hands.  Please don't play him in Hero League if you haven't practiced with him. 

  • Malfurion - [Tier 3]
  • Valla - [Tier 2]
  • Stitches - [Tier 4]
  • Arthas - [Tier 3]
  • Tyrande - [Tier 3]
  • Zagara (player level 12) - [Tier 2]
  • Illidan (player level 15) - [Tier 1]

I own all of the free Heroes on the list this week, but which ones are you looking most forward to trying?

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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