Hurray, maybe pets may not miss 10% or more of the time in raids now!

Blizzard posted some information today that they will likely be giving Hunter pets +hit from their masters in the expansion. This should make them more viable in raids since it is not uncommon to see miss rates over 10% on pets in raids currently.

It looks like they will not gain the requested resilience for PvP though. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

If we do it for Warlocks, we'll do it for Hunters too (%hit).

Regarding Resilience on pets, we feel we'd rather give the classes tools to keep their pet alive rather than giving them passive defense (we want you to care about keeping them alive, not ignoring them because you know it's impossible to kill them). If you're talking about a group environment, you can heal your pet and your group can heal your pet. The drawback to players attacking your pet is that they are essentially crowd-controlling themselves. Currently we feel (in PvP) that we've more or less achieved the right amount of survivability for the pet (without giving it Resilience). This of course changes all the time because of gear and scaling. If we feel the pet does not scale in terms of health with the master, we can make changes in that regard.

That said, if we find that pets aren't surviving as well in beta compared to live, then we can explore the possibility of increasing it's base defense.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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