He's At It Again!

The friendly neighborhood events coordinator is back with another
scavenger hunt. Here are the details:

style="font-size: 9pt; font-style: italic; font-family: Arial;">“Located
throughout Smuggler's Rest and Stormreach's various wards (Harbor,
Marketplace, Houses Deneith, Phiarlan, Kundarak and Jorasco as well as
the Cemetary), I have hidden rare collectibles in obscure corners,
bushes and waters in the city.

My challenge to you, is to find the following:

    * 50 Twelve-Sided Crystals collectibles

    * 50 Tears of Vulkoor collectibles

    * 50 Alchemist’s Chapbooks collectibles

   Feel free to trade items with friends (or sell if you're
entrepreneur) to collect every collectible needed to win an exclusive
Wayfinder Scepter!

I'll be hiding the items for the duration of two bells, during that
time, if you find the necessary amount of collectibles, send me a
message and I will trade you for a Wayfinder Scepter!

Good luck, and sally forth!

-Sir Lawrence d'Deneith”


Saturday, November 18, 6PM Eastern - Argonnessen

Saturday, November 18, 9PM Eastern - Mabar

Sunday, November 19, 6PM Eastern - Lhazaar

The rules can be read [ href="http://www.ddo.com/article/575">HERE].

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016