Changes to Invis in Testing

Here's something from Samera that appeared on the official forums
today. There are changes to invisibility in testing. Here's the scoop:

In order to bring the stealth and invisibility
systems closer to the D&D Core Rulebooks, we’re redesigning how the
systems work.

Monsters that think they have detected a hidden target will no
longer unerringly home in on the stealthed character. Now, alert NPC’s
will begin making “best guess” attacks near the last suspected location
of their target (the last location they either saw their opponent, or
heard them if they made noise), and will search in a progressively
wider radius until they find their foe. A monster that physically bumps
into a stealthed player will automatically detect them and begin

Invisibility, rather than granting complete undetectability, now
routes through the stealth system the same way Hide and Move Silently
do, but grants the target a substantial bonus (+20) to their stealth
score and permits stealth in bright daylight (“five eyes”). We highly
recommend engaging stealth mode while invisible since the invisibility
spell will not prevent monsters from hearing your footsteps otherwise.
Invisible Rogues should still use cover to their advantage - casting
the invisibility spell on a rogue enhances their already excellent
stealth abilities. Hanging out in front of a monster for prolonged
periods of time even if you are invisible is tempting fate (just like
the normal stealth system). Eventually the monsters will notice your

Both invisibility and stealth now contain detaunt elements when you
are in a party. Opponents will prefer to attack targets that are
visible, and if they cannot find you they will eventually give up,
rather than persistently hunting for you over long distances. Distance
to your observer also now plays an important role – beyond a certain
distance they are unable to detect you at all, even when they think
they may know where you are. Hate will now decay much faster if a
monster has no idea where you are.

This system gives us more flexibility to adjust and improve the
gameplay of stealth and invisibility. For example, among our future
development plans, we would like to add in the ability to open doors
and pull levers without invisibility or stealth dropping. However,
opening a door or pulling a lever would still make a sound, which the
monster would have a chance to hear.

Known Issues

The detaunt effect of stealth and invisibility currently only
function while in a party - monsters will currently not give up
searching for you if you are solo.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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