Interviews Magic Hat Software on their game Irth Online.

MMORPGDot: Your reactions aside, how has the overall player response been? The game is still in, more or less, the honeymoon period - have any major issues popped up that you didn't expect?

Tony Pungitore: First of all, we have the greatest community of any other MMO out there. The IO community is our greatest resource. Our community is actively involved with game development and they help us at every turn to refine mechanics, content and features. So things pop up all the time from the community and as a result the game is on a perpetual course of improvement.

The greatest thing for us is to take a player concern and turn it into player praise. One issue that the players considered major at release was no tutorial. The game was not released with a tutorial so players had to refer to the manual. Players want a manual as a reference and not as a learning tool. Players want to learn to play by playing. So we came up with a tutorial for them and they praised us.

Initially players said that combat was too slow. So we revamped combat and players applauded.

So sure there were issues and to some extent there will be others in the future. But the community has learned that we are responsive and intend on rectifying any issue that arises to the community's satisfaction.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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