Have you ever wondered how a virtual world is created? A lot of work, research and design goes into the crafting an MMOG world and this week The Secret World’s (TSW) Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos has posted a new blog that details the extensive process from research to design.

Bylos explains in the blog four points of design: identifying, research and design, building flow and prototyping and production. Bylos touches on the method of designing the flow of a game and how it can be easy to fall into a design that makes the gameplay feel too linear, but Bylos notes that a light touch can make it feel less intrusive and play on a player’s curiosity to explore.

Flow can be intrusive (a one way corridor which a player is forced to walk down) or subtle (a flickering light off in the distance which draws the curious player to investigate). It is one of the strengths of a good content designer to understand where to be heavy handed and where to use a light touch.

Check out the full blog on the official TSW website.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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