As gamers, we don’t really need an excuse to pull an all nighter in our gaming circles. But some of us have other obligations that make that difficult to pull off. Luckily, Trion Worlds and Extra Life are giving you a chance to do just that with the perfect excuse – it’s to help needy children.

Trion Worlds has partnered with Extra Life to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network and they’re calling on their fellow Telarans to join them for an all night marathon of gaming. Players that have an active RIFT account and register for an Extra Life account can also join the Trion guild in RIFT, where the devs will be rolling up new characters and pulling a 24 hour marathon on October 15th.

Players that take part in the marathon event can also earn two in-game titles – The Charitable and The Insomniac as well as a number of different in-game items.

Think you have the stamina to last? Grab a few friends, sign up for the event and stock up on snacks and caffeine and see if you can last the full 24 hours. It is for the children after all.

Check out the RIFT Extra Life event page for all the details.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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