Milano, April 2010 - Kalicanthus Entertainment , the leading Online Game Publisher in Italy announced today that the new 3D Fantasy MMORPG Craft of Gods (www.craftofgods.eu) will be launched on May 27th, 2010.

Pre-order of two different downloadable client versions can be made as of today at www.kalicanthus.com. Gamers can chose between a Standard Edition at € 24.90 RRP with one month subscription included and a Deluxe Collector’s Edition at € 29.90 RRP including one month of subscription plus 2 bonuses: a special cloak and an epic weapon. The subscription will cost € 8.90 per month. Promotions will be available for the purchase of multiple months.

The languages available at launch for digital download will be: English, Russian, German and Italian.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland the game will be also available as a fully localized Retail Version, distributed by Software Discount 99. The RRP for the German boxed version will be of € 29,90 and include a number of exclusive special items such as: a unique mount unobtainable in game (the millipedes), an epic weapon that will grow with the character and a special cloak.

Future expansions of the game are already planned. The publisher wants to spoil his gamers with a first free expansion providing lots of additional content such as Flying Mounts, Caravans, Weather spells and God's Abilities only 3 months after launch.

Before May 27th, the team has planned 2 more Open Beta events: the first from April 29th until May 6th and the second from May 20th until the day before launch.

Starting from May 27th, gamers will be able to access the official server, only by purchasing the game client. The servers will be open from 2.30 PM CET on launch day.

For more details on server opening and official game start related issues, please visit www.kalicanthus.com.

Created by Russian developer studio Cyberdemons, Craft of Gods is a new 3D fantasy MMORPG based on Slavic mythology. Set in a huge world with 25 different maps, Craft of Gods provide players with a great Realm versus Realm (RvR) and Player versus Player (PvP) experience, but it will also appeal to Player versus Enviroment (PvE) oriented gamers. Players can choose between 6 different races divided into 3 factions (Light, Darkness and Neutral) and create their character that can then be completely customized; in fact there are no classes in Craft of Gods, but only skills: each player can choose from 14 schools of skills, each containing 15 powers – for a total of 210 different skills that assure a great depth of customization. Fight for your Realm to become a Demigod and gain special powers!

Kalicanthus Entertainment is a MMOG developer and publisher, Italian market leader and the only Italian operator publishing online games on the most important Italian Web portals. It born in 2006 thanks the past experience of same MMO players and same employees in former Italian MMO company which join together to create through passion and job a new, big Italian referral point for the MMO market. Surely Kalicanthus is a company with the larger experience in MMO market here in Italy and his way of acting is strongly based on players, because comes from players.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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