Following the Release of Module 2

Never fear, Turbine is on the ball. Following the release of the
Twilight Forge Module, Samera (Community Relations Specialist) has
already posted some known issues with the module:

Open Issues

  • The Coin Lords' Patron Representative in the Marketplace gives
    unclear directions. His dialog will be changed to read:

    Part 1: "As a token of his esteem, Lord Berrigan Enge is
    authorizing you to carry a rare magical item in your day-to-day
    travels: Lang's Bag of Holding! Very handy, I must say. I should get
    one myself! You can now hold more items in your inventory."

    Part 2: "Lord Grospic, to his credit, is unwilling to be
    outdone by Berrigan's generosity. He requisitioned the services of a
    master enchanter, the great Ryo Silerbrow. If you bring him a damaged
    vessel, say a portable hole, he can repair it and make it usable. Find
    Ryo near Harbormaster Zinn's home."
  • It is possible that you
    won't have the keys you need to progress through the Restless Isles
    adventure area, since this is a large multi-part instance and the doors
    can reset. Please be sure to check your inventory to make sure you have
    a key before you try to teleport to a base further into the adventure
    area or try to enter a new quest. If you are missing a key, simply
    recall back to the Foothold and obtain another key.
  • AOE spells are not applying their crits correctly (if you take
    the new line of enhancements for spellcasters).
  • "You
    can turn loot messages on and off." is not working as intended.
    Toggling this option turns off your loot messages and not your party
  • The DM voiceovers are not working for some of the new quests.
  • Players
    who already have enough faction to gain a favor rank (from retroactive
    favor) will not receive the in-game letter from their Patron. You will
    still be able to advance in rank, you just won't get the congratulatory
  • There is a graphical issue where the new Wall of Fire
    spell can get "stuck" on objects and doesn't appear to reach down to
    the floor. This is a graphical issue only – monsters running into the
    Wall of Fire will still take damage.
  • If you die and you get too far away from your soulstone and
    then, instead of snapping back to your soulstone you see a teleport
    screen, a "failed teleport" message, and you suddenly resurrect with 1
    you should abandon the quest as you have entered a bugged state
    and will not be able to continue with your current adventure. This can
    only happen in a few places within the world, so if it happens to you
    we would find it helpful if you would return to the place your
    soulstone dropped, use the /loc command, take a screenshot, and then
    send the screenshot to [email protected].
    Thank you!

Samera also had this to say about unlocking drow:

If you have earned enough favor to unlock the drow normally
two things
would happen:

1) you'd get a letter.

2) when you try to create a character you'll be able to select drow as
a race (the button won't be greyed out).

Because of a known issue you won't get a letter today (sorry! I know
everyone loves getting mail!), but you should be able to select the

You should also be able to check your progress towards unlocking drow
by checking your adventure compendium.

And last but certainly not least, there will be some unscheduled

All servers will be coming down at 6:15 pm EDT. We are
trying to fix
the item multiplication issue that appeared after today's update. I
will update you with more information as soon as I have it.

Please note: at this time we are still trying to avoid a server

Samera, have a cookie and take a break. You deserve it!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016