Just Make Sure It's Decaf

Two more items for the Stormreach Under Siege Known Issues

  • Guard Branson is a slightly nervous fellow
    and is prone to stress. If you try to talk to Guard Branson and he
    doesn't respond this most likely indicates that he has had a nervous
    meltdown. If this happens please alert the GMs by sending a help
    request. We are very concerned with the mental well-being of our NPCs
    and the GMs will send Guard Branson on a quick coffee-break. When he
    returns he should be in a better frame of mind and will talk to players
    once again.
  • If you notice that your character is going through
    an extra reload animation, use the right mouse button (or whatever key
    you have bound to the attack function) to fire your weapon manually.
    That should abort the animation and fire your weapon.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016