has an interview with Legend of Ares lead designer June Lee. What sets this game apart from all of the other MMORPGs currently on the market?

June Lee: One of the more unique qualities of the Legend of Ares is the warfare system. While there will still be the normal PvP encounters between players of opposing nations, there will also be a territorial warfare system implemented where players can participate to increase their nation’s size, honor, and abilities. Territorial wars will be organized events where players of both nations will have to sign up to participate. The ultimate goal of the T-wars is, as the name implies, to win areas of the map for each nation. Every area, once controlled, will bestow bonuses on the players of the winning side such as boosts to exp gain, money gain, attack power, and defensive ability. In addition to this, players of either side can also gain bonuses by increasing the number of enemies killed from their rival nation(honor points).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016