Lineage II may be a sequel of sorts to the wildly popular Lineage but this game has stood the test of time and proven itself to be more than just a small success in it's own right. With 5 years of magical gameplay and beautiful fantasy graphics, L2 is celebrating this milestone with a gift to the players!

Available now, players can enjoy the 3rd and final installment of the free "Gracia" expansion. This expansion is the largest in Lineage 2 history and brings with it new content, a whole new continent, new quests, territory battles, and so much more! Keep reading for more details on the free Gracia expansion update or get in game and experience it for yourself!

SEATTLE, Washington – April 29, 2009 – NCsoft®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), commemorates five years of Lineage® II service in the West with the launch of Gracia™ Final, the latest free expansion to the legendary Lineage II franchise. Gracia Final, the third part of the Gracia expansion series, brings Lineage II fans a whole new continent and refined player-versus-player (PvP) combat. Other highlights of the Gracia Final expansion include more clan features, territory wars, new items, and new skill effects.

Players can log into Lineage II right now and experience the chaotic lands of Gracia, an entire new continent ready for exploration. To venture into Gracia, characters fly on airships available at the Gludio airship wharf. Characters who would rather reach the continent using their own devices can use the new aerial transformation skills Aurabird Falcon, Aurabird Owl, and the Kamael’s special Final Flying Form. While on the continent of Gracia, explorers can journey through war-torn lands filled with mysterious creatures and adventure in nearly 60 new quests.

The Gracia Final expansion also brings in Territory Battles, where any player, even those not belonging to a clan, can participate in epic-scale conflict and reap rewards from the local Territory Manager. Territory Battles provide a “capture the flag”-style PvP experience that rewards dominating clans with castle-related skills and additional revenue. In addition, the Gracia Final expansion introduces three-versus-three PvP arena battles at the Olympiad for the first time, and enables clans to earn additional abilities and membership.

“We are thrilled to celebrate five years of Lineage II live service with such a large content expansion,” said Sam Han, North American producer for NCsoft West. “This represents the largest content expansion for Lineage II to date, and we plan to keep them coming. We appreciate our loyal players, who have provided us with memorable experiences over the past five years. I encourage gamers ready for a change to join us in the new, accessible, rich world of Lineage II.”

In addition to the expansive new content Gracia Final provides, Lineage II players can celebrate the fifth anniversary with an in-game event that runs now through May 5th. During this event, creatures in the lands of Aden and Gracia drop special items engraved with certain letters and numbers. Players get rewards for acquiring the letters to spell “Gracia,” “Lineage II,” and “5 Years.” More details can be found at

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016