Lineage II: Chaotic Throne - Gracia to increase leveling speed.

Lineage II has been out since 2004, so if you feel like you are late to the party, your worries are over. With the release of Gracia, Lineage II promises to speed your travels so you can catch up to the endgame:

"The big change is that leveling a Lineage II character is now extremely easier—and we say “extremely” in a fairly conservative manner. A normal new character that goes through the beginning quests can gain a few levels in just a few minutes, and players should find leveling now quite easily, all the way up to level 60 and beyond. Players that could spend several months of hardcore grinding to get up to a competitively high level will now be able to accomplish the same feat perhaps a month, if not less. They’ll also be able to get to their occupation changes a lot faster, so developing a selection of specialized characters is a much more realistic option. Building characters is now a lot fun and easy to do, rather than a long-term activity many players would rather do without."

In addition to expediting the leveling process through XP gains, there is also a new "Vitality" system that will provide more XP for killing non-boss and non-quest creatures. Additional features within the release provide buffs for beginners that last until level 62. The team appears to be working diligently to bring Lineage II fans back as well as open the door to new players with their new release.

More information can be found on the recently released preview site for Lineage II: Chaotic Throne - Gracia.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016