Our fearless leader Boomjack wrote about our site and our new database in todays issue of Loading. Below are a few of his comments taht I thought you would all be interested in.

1,160 - the number of quests uploaded into our World of Warcraft database in the first few days of beta testing.

The World of Warcraft database is coming along nicely. Our main man Bill has exterminated a few bugs and we are on our way to adding more information to the database, including NPCs, maps, items and... wait now, I can't tell you that part.

Get your keyster over to the UI Mod database (We added that to give you an alternative to gold farming sites) and grab your favourite U.I.s, including of course our WoW Database add-on.

We will be giving away WoW gamecards and other swag to the top uploaders and comment writers. Heck, I may even just give away a few random pieces of swag to anyone who uploads or comments. Your alternative to the gold farmer databases is here. Fill ‘er up!

What would you like to see added to the database next? Are their features that you just can’t live without on the gold farmers’ databases that you would like added to ours? Let me know by email to Boomjack!

You can read the whole article here: Loading... June 6, 2006 (Magma edition)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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