Blizzard seems to be listening to the many posts, emails and the petition regarding limiting players to their regions servers only. Caydiem from Blizzard posted the following today on their forums.

I'm afraid this will get lost in the huge number of posts in this thread, but I will gladly explain what I know to you.

First, at this time we are still going ahead with the plan to localize servers.

Please understand that this does not mean we are ignoring your feedback on this subject. I understand completely that many of you are unhappy with this. There are guilds who have members from many countries who want to play together, and we do not want to break up the ties that have formed in other games over the years. We plan on providing a solution for those of you who do not wish to play on your regional server despite our strong recommendations. I cannot go into further detail on this subject currently, but know that we are not ignoring your pleas of being able to play with your friends. :)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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