Every time I see a new piece of concept art from this game, it takes my breath away. I don't know how true it will be to the story or how far they can go with it.. but the visuals, they just leave me speechless.

With that said, there is new lore today from the Official Lord of the Rings Online site.

This watch-tower, its name long-forgotten, once overlooked the eastern reaches of Fornost of which little now remains. Though crumbling and decrepit, it still stands as a grand testament to the architects of Arnor, a monument both carved from the living stone upon which it rests and built from stone blocks and mortar. The ruined tower yet watches over the eastern gate of Fornost, which still stands amidst crumbling walls, bearing the charge of the Seven Stars, though the courtyard beyond has become home to cursed shades, tainted by failure and betrayal.

Go read the rest and see what I mean about the art.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016