You've been hearing about all the proposed class changes and now is your chance to actually see them in action and give some feedback. A major update has hit test and is ready for player to check 'em out!

- Shadowknight

Despoiling Mist line should once again apply the same number of mitigation buffs as members of the encounter.

- Warden

Tranquility will now last 1 minute and attempt to cure impairments on the target several times.

- Warlock

Nil Crystals are no longer required as components for spells.

The Abhorrent Shroud line now has a power cost to replace the nil crystal requirement.

- Wizard

The Surging Tempest line should now work as a dot with a triggered knockdown. This will make the spell work with Freehand Sorcery and Harmonization.

It looks like we will also be getting extra bank slots (WooHoo!) and a very welcome change that suspends your mount rather than canceling it!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016