Well earlier today Mythic unveiled the surprise that they'd been leading up to these past few weeks and it was as huge as they made us believe it was. Now, Mark Jacobs steps in to talk a little about what they're working on over the next few months regarding A Call to Arms.

First, as for the Live Expansion pack, we have always believed in giving our players a lot of subscription-based content for the game. This "Call to Arms" expansion arc represents a large amount of content that will be spread out over a few months. When you factor in all the content that will be added as part of this arc, it certainly makes it one of the largest subscription-based content upgrades/addons done by any MMO developer. CtA alone is pretty cool but it does not, in any way, represent everything that we are working on (or have been working on).

He also talks about live events, the new classes, and the Tomb Kings dungeon and you can read all about it over at the WAR Herald!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016