IP Developer Martin Hultberg and Design Director Axel Rydby recently took some time to chat about some of the various gear and devices that will aid agents of Tom Clancy’s The Division in the field that would make James Bond green with envy. While Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft have both been pretty mum with new information about The Division, today’s little info drop is a welcome respite from the lull in information.

Hultberg and Rydby take a moment to discuss the setting of The Division and the lack of a societal infrastructure. This makes some of the gear that agents of The Division start with a key necessity and pretty useful. Items like the player’s backpack can be used to store items and can also be adjusted to carry more or fit the player’s playstyle with various components while the watch serves as the player’s UI, acting as an in-game augmented reality system.

“The smart watch is the most important piece of equipment for The Division agents. “It’s through the watch that the agent gets detailed information on the surroundings, and it’s through this watch that the UI in the game is projected” explained Axel. The watch will, among other things, constantly gather information and present this to the agent, allowing him to make informed tactical decisions on how to approach combat situations.”

Other devices like the ear piece and contact lens helps keep the player in contact with the SHD network and feed them information on their surroundings. You can read more in The Division's latest Annex update.

The Division is expected to launch on the PC, Xbox One, and PlaySation 4 in Spring 2014.

Source: Intelligence Annex #2: The Gear

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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