Every year at BlizzCon a live raid takes place. The live raid puts two top guilds together and put their skills to the test in a raid setting. Last year, Midwinter (Alliance) and Method (Horde) faced off and in 2014 both of these elite guilds have returned to the competition.

While many of us expected to see another run through Siege of Orgrimmar we were surprised to find that the guilds would be taking on one of the new Warlords of Dreanor raids; Heroic Highmaul. This is the first raid of Warlords and is not content either of these guilds have farmed before.

As the guilds headed into Highmaul, they both started out strong, however, Midwinter managed to pull ahead and earn themselves the first boss kill. Their advantage was soon lost as Method blew through trash mobs to earn them the right to pull the second boss first. With their lead, Method took the 2nd and 3rd boss kill. However, problems during the 3rd boss fight for Method let Midwinter catch up.

Method was able to pull the final boss; Imperator Mar'gok first, but Midwinter was close behind. As the DPS began both guilds showed their skills, with the boss going down on both sides. Deaths and dangerous dips in health made the fight an intense one, but in the end Method came out on top for the win.

GG to both guilds. Your show of skill is nothing short of spectacular. Especially considering the newness of the content. We hope to see a rematch at BlizzCon 2015.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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