MIT gathers industry vets to help newcomers.

Know your audience. This applies to almost every facet of life. In the same way you wouldn't (or shouldn't) tell fart jokes in church, you shouldn't market inappropriate games to the wrong market. This was my simplified version of the theme for the latest panel discussion held at MIT that included game developers such as Turbine and 2k Boston as well as PR Firms such as 360 Public Relations. The get-together was held to discuss video game marketing and provided some interesting information for those looking to start their own gaming company. According to the MHT: The Journal of New England Technology:

"Another point driven home was the need for smaller game startups to embrace the need to do their own marketing and PR -- not only because of the fact they likely don’t have the capital to invest in outsourcing that job, McIlroy said, but also because they are the most enthusiastic about their game and are the ones best able to convey that enthusiasm to others."

Good advice all the way around. Nobody should sell you as well as you do. Put another way, don't expect someone else to believe in your ideals as much as you. Keeping control of your PR also keeps you out of that muddy PR that sometimes ventures into inappropriate behavior where PR companies get accused of Payola, and other misdeeds.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016