The MMO industry loses one of its bright stars.

People passing is never easy especially when they are young. Long time MMO community personality Laura Genender passed away last week. Laura had recently left her post at to take a position with EVE Online's developer CCP. has set up a memorial for Laura:

"When we thought about how best to pay tribute our dear friend and colleague Laura Genender we decided that we should write, as much or as little as we felt that we needed to, to tell everyone a little bit about a woman that we here at were proud to call a colleague and a friend.

When you've finished reading, we would like to encourage you to spend some time in the forums, either reading some of the many posts that have already been made about Laura or posting something of your own. We know that she had interactions with many of you and would love to hear any thoughts or stories that you may have."

The Memorial and comment section has been up a short time and the pages are already filling with condolences and touching memories.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016