You haven't played a fighter until you have tried the EverQuest II Monk! This very cool class does it all; tanking, loads of damage, solid utilities, if you can name it, they can do it! Haven't tried one yet? Well then you are in luck! We have just updated the Ten Ton Hammer Monk Class Guide with the newest Tier 8 info and it is ready to start you out on a successful career as a brawler!

Unlike the plate wearing tanks, a Monk uses high avoidance to dodge hits rather than absorb them with high mitigation like a Berserker or a Guardian would. Because of this, Monks typically wear leather armor and aim their stats towards higher agility. Another benefit to this type of tank is that theoretically, the Monk should also be able to deal out a higher level of damage. With the right gear and excellent combat art upgrades, the Monk can put out DPS that rivals mages and scouts.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016