First smarter, now better citizens, what can't gaming improve?

We all know that playing games makes us smarter, but now MSNBC reports that games can make our kids better citizens and more social, not less.

"One commonly held stereotype paints teenage gamers as solitary, anti-social basement dwellers that can't socialize their way out of a paper bag. But Lenhart says their research ran counter to this notion. For the vast majority of the kids polled, games are a social experience, where they get to interact with their friends. Some kids play with other people in the room, and some play online. But regardless, teenagers view games as something they do with other people, and not just something they do when they’re alone."

Now that Warhammer Online is ready to launch, it is your duty to go over there and play so you can be a better citizen (WAR is rated T for Teen so play accordingly). While WAR may not be a game for kids, there are a host of games for the younger crowd covered at our sister site Ten Ton Hamster.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016