In-game Fame!

The lucky winner of the Name the
Contest has been announced on Dungeons & Dragons
Online: Stormreach (DDO) forums:

Congratulations to Tollaris for his winning entry "One Foot

The tavern in the Necropolis shall henceforth be known as the One Foot
Inn. This change will go live with the Stormreach Under Siege Update in

Here is the flavor text that will also be added into the game at the
same time:

Bloody Mary:
“Julia used to get in all sorts of trouble when she
younger. She almost died once, you know.”

Player: “Oh?”

Bloody Mary: “A tragic
affair. Some kobolds stole her away to be a
sacrifice. They were halfway through the ritual when Tollaris burst in
and rescued her.”

Player: “That was brave.”

Bloody Mary: “She was
unconscious for days. When she woke, Tollaris was
still there by her side. Alas, they parted ways not long after that.”

Player: “How long ago was

Bloody Mary: “Many, many
years. Julia named this tavern the ‘One Foot
Inn’ after her narrow escape from death, as well as a constant reminder
of the time she spent with Tollaris.”

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016