Cryptic has made a few changes to progression for Neverwinter’s fourth Beta Weekend event. A new point-buy system will be available to players during the event inspired by the pen & paper Dungeons & Dragons system that aims to provide more power and customization options.

Following the tutorial, players will have access to around five powers with more that can be unlocked at each level milestone after. At each new level, players will earn new points to unlock new powers or upgrade existing ones. New powers can only be unlocked in higher tiers after spending a certain amount of points. There are currently no plans to overhaul the Feats system, but the changes to the Power Choice system will allow those choices to work together in more effective ways based on your decisions.

Neverwinter’s Beta Weekend #4 begins on Friday, April 12th and will conclude on Sunday, April 14th. Open beta will begin on April 30th but Founder's Pack customers can get several early open beta access, 5 days for the Hero of the North Founder's Pack and 3 days for the Guardian of Neverwinter Founder's Pack. So if you're anxious to get started early, there are your options.

Source: Neverwinter Progression Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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