There can be only one ArchLord, but anyone can get in on these prizes!

Codemasters is offering a unique Christmas present to its ArchLord fans this December, plus a new PvP league is announced:

The ArchLord team is delighted to announce a fantastic player reward for all its loyal customers!

At ArchLord HQ we have decided to enter into the Christmas spirit early, and want to reward all our loyal players. As a pre-Christmas bonus on December 3rd, all players with open accounts that have been active for two months or have paid for three months up front will receive one of two fantastic in-game items.

Players will be able to choose between two items: the fantastic Ring of Constitution which grants players + 10% to their maximum health points, or the demonic Talisman of Death which gives players +10% to their attack speed. This offer will be open to all new and existing players. So get playing now and prepare yourself for the battle to become THE ArchLord.

ArchLord is also undergoing a transition as we speak! You thought you'd seen PvP? You've not seen anything till you experience PvP in ArchLord. We are making preparations to introduce a fantastic PvP league to ArchLord. This will be a really exciting chance to pit yourself against all others in extensive PvP battles. We haven't released all the details yet but you should start preparing yourself now; get an account, log-in and prepare for war!

Find out more at the ArchLord official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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