Spanish game developer Bitroit
S.C.P has announced that their upcoming browser-based MMOG - Pandimus
has moved into its open beta phase. Pandimus
is a medieval themed fantasy MMOG that currently features one race and
two classes, the Warrior and the Wizard, that can be customized by
seven unique templates.

The 2D game features no item shop currently but does offer a premium
membership option that includes the following benefits:

  • The training time of a discipline is halved.
  • Skills can be trained up to twice the value (50)
  • Double salary working.
  • Monsters have 50% more chances to drop an object. If they
    are elite, the object drop is the double.
  • The monsters drop the double of money.
  • The mission of "The Great Search" is performed 20% faster.
  • Better rewards in quests.
  • Increase in 25% the chances of upgrade yours skills in
    your fights and adventures.

From the official press release:

January 18, -----Bitroit S.C.P., an Online game software and mobile
device developer in Barcelona, announced today that it has launched the
open beat of its first Browser-based MMORPG project Pandimus on January
18, 2010.

"Browser MMORPG has become increasingly popular than ever before, but
we are very confident the new-generation browser MMORPG –Padimus will
usher in a new era and lead the trends." said Angel, co-founder and CEO
of Pandimus. "This online browser game is even more remarkable because
we have three much experienced programmers who spent two years making
Pandimus possible.”

“From its alpha beta to the closed beta of Pandimus, our team has
gained much valuable feedback and suggestions from our passionate
players. We have, as promised, rewarded our dear players with free
premium accounts” angel said “In the final version, player’s account
will be saved forever. What is more, we have 100 limited accounts
upgraded on a daily basis, hopefully, that will help our players grow

Featuring Total character customization, Total variety of equipment,
Skills and attributes, Quest, mission and working system, Pandimus is
based on a medieval epic world. In Pandimus, you can completely
customize your hero, discover all the zones, some secrets, defeat your
enemies, and get thousands of different items and treasure as well.

The game is intended for casual gamers and gamers who can play while
working. Players can improve their characters completely with missions,
training based on time or they can explore adventures with their
friends and try to beat the bosses in a party.

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to go to the official site.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016