Online gamers are very familiar with the security threats we all face to our accounts on a daily basis, but what happens when the threat comes from the software on the computer you just purchased brand new? According to the, this happened to an unfortunate customers of M and A Technology. According to the Examiner, the computer in question, a mini-tablet PC designed for students, had its latest drivers updated at the factory before shipping. The USB device used for the updates had apparently been infected with a worm and contained a rootkit and password stealing program aimed at collecting account information from Online gamers.

This just goes to show how crafty some of these malicious programmers are when it comes to getting their tainted goods on your machine.

A brand new computer shipped out the door with factory-installed software designed to steal World of WarCraft (and presumably any other online game) account information.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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