New Enhancements Coming Your Way

Turbine has posted part one of a four-part development article on new
enhancements at Here's just a bit about the goodness coming up
in Module 2, the Twilight Forge:

We have several new lines of enhancements for arcane spellcasters,
designed to help them specialize in specific types of spells. With
these new enhancements, casters can score spell criticals on damaging
spells, similar to the critical hits that the sword-swingers get when
they get lucky on an attack. Each enhancement is specific to one energy
type, and gives you a percentage chance to score a critical, and a
multiplier to damage. For example, a sorcerer with the enhancement
"Lineage of Force 3" has a 15% chance of scoring 50% extra damage on
their magic missiles; if he prefers to use fireballs he could instead
take "Lineage of Deadly Fire" which only has a 3% chance of scoring a
crit, but will do triple damage when it does.

Get the full details [ href="">here].

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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