Among the Ten Ton Hammer staff, we all enjoy getting new things. Computers, toys, books - if you can name a "geeky" item, we probably enjoy it. So when we found out that the developers at Turbine were introducing a whole selection of new items for the Rune-keeper class in Lord of the Rings Online's Book 7, we couldn't help but share it with you, our readers.

Here's the official forum post:

The Rune-keeper is gaining three new items in Book 7. As before, magnitudes are not being discussed, as they change often, and any of these may change as Book 7 draws closer.

Chisel: This Ranged slot item can be crafted by Metalsmiths and will be sought after by all Rune-keepers. Higher quality chisels allow a Rune-keeper to etch more detailed and intricate runes on their stones. Doing so will passively increase damage and chances of avoiding resistance. To be clear, this is NOT a range weapon, just a item that resides in the Ranged slot.

Inlays: Various metallic inlays can be created by Scholars and quickly applied to a Rune-stone. These are not simply cosmetic, as they will harden the Rune-stone, allowing the next induction skill to have reduced power cost and to be uninterruptable.

Enamels: Enamels of a few different colours will also be craftable by Scholars. These enamels brighten the colour of a rune-stone, making it attune further in whatever direction it is already moving.

I'm going on vacation now, no posts for a week or so. I'll be releasing some info about updated legacies later. These changes should bring the RK to a good place and allow me to work on other projects Lata!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016