Cryptic Studios has released a new lore segment for its upcoming MMO, Star Trek Online. The latest entry, "Path to 2409 - 2389 Supplemental Log" chronicles a meeting between Jake Sisko and Elim Garek. With Federation aid cut back for the Cardassian government to help aid the Romulans, unrest is occurring across Cardassia and Garek talks about the situation in his own characteristically cryptic way.

Oh, I was not chiding your most excellent Federation! Far from it! We cannot leave Romulans to their own devices. No, indeed not. For who dares to trust a Romulan without a planet to pin him to? That would be like leaving a bowl of sem’hal stew unattended upon a table, all the while knowing that a starving Cardassian vole was hiding under your chair.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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