At a glance they look alot a-like. At a glance you're never certain who's being talked about if you're not familiar with the fact that they both work in the same industry at the same company. Both Richard "Lord British" and his brother Robert (CEO of NCsoft NA) have a chat with the people of Next Generation.

And what are you guys going to be talking about at the summit?

Richard: Well, to just dive right in, we’re making a presentation together that is based around working with your brother. And–

Robert Garriott: More specifically all the reasons why you don’t want to do business with your brother.

Richard: But, of course, he’s being sarcastic. There’s a long list pros and cons associated with that process. We also happen to be fortunate enough to go back to the beginning of the market. We have ways that have manifested painfully or productively over a pretty long period of time. So that’s the general nature of it, and we were just reviewing it, so it’s fresh in our minds.

It's really really good. If you get a chance go take a look.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016