The Paladin Guide got updated again today to cover the following:

  • Added more information regarding 1h vs. 2h weapons.
  • Added information regarding the Lawbringer plate armor set
  • Added several new links in Section 1.3 including "Where to Grind" and "Paladin Issues"
  • Added New build to Tank build section
  • Added Section 1.2 - Bugs and Issues
  • Added Section 1.3 - Other Paladin Guides
  • Added PVP vs. Priest Info
  • Added General PVE tactics to section 6.1
  • Added PVP Protection based build and tactics to section 6.6.5
  • Mass update to the "Where to adventure" area (section 7)
  • Moved to Forum format for most of guide

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    Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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