Hero-Con has become a staple event for City of Heroes fans annually. Hosted by the Paragon Studios Community Relations Team, Hero-Con brings City of Heroes fans together from all over for special activities, events, and contests once a year in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, this year it doesn't look like there will be a Hero-Con as Paragon Studios will be focusing their attention and resources on other events like PAX and Comic-Con. Back in May, the team at Paragon Studios decided to focus their attention more on other events in an effort to spread the love around as east coast players couldn't always make it to the event on the west coast.

City of Heroes Lead Systems Designer Matt Miller confirmed that this is still the plan in a statement to Ten Ton Hammer earlier this week.

“We were going to have another Hero Con this year, but we realized that that kind of concentrates all of our marketing efforts into one event. We’d rather do multiple fan events throughout these conventions, San Diego, PAX East, New York Comic-Con, and so on.  We’re going to spread the love across the country rather than concentrating everything into one big event.”

This doesn't mean the end of Hero-Con as the team will evaluate the feedback from their new approach and adjust accordingly.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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