Lead by Example

Let it be known that when a problem arises in Dungeons & Dragons
Online: Stormreach (DDO), the devs are there to help you out. Cathy_n
QA of Quality Assurance posted a helpful scenario to test whether you
are experiencing a problem with Patron Favor or your display:

With that
out of the way, we've discovered a display issue that makes it look
like you're not receiving favor for quests when you actually are. I am
hoping that an example will clear up any confusion and anxiety.

Say you are a level 2 character and you are invited to a party that is
running "Guard Duty" on Normal difficulty, a level 5 quest. You talk to
the quest giver, get the quest, finish the quest, talk to the quest
giver again. Quest completed!

Now you check your Adventure Compendium. You will immediately notice
that Guard Duty is not listed. Guard Duty's minimum level is level 5,
and by default the Adventure Compendium only lists quests that are 2 or
less levels above you. You may consider filing a bug report, but hold
on and read the next part.

Running Guard Duty was pretty good for you, and gave you enough XP to
level up. You go to a trainer and advance to level 3. Now you look in
your Adventure Compendium. Guard Duty is listed! You have 2 favor
points credited to you for the quest. Whew. You open up your patron
favor tab and... huh? You didn't get any favor from The Free Agents!
The Adventure Compendium says you got 2, but The Free Agents disagree.
Now you're pretty sure there's a bug. You got ripped off!

But wait, a thought occurs to you... what happens when you log off and
back in again? You do so.

You check your Adventure Compendium and your patron favor and now they
are correct. The bug you've found is a display issue.

So to summarize: If you think you didn't get favor for a quest, log out
and back in and check again. It should update properly.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016