Fun with Factions

There's a new patron system coming to DDO, and it's similar to the way
players have gained favor with various factions in other MMOs. In other
words, now doing favors for the coin lords will actually net you a
reward, instead of just getting you beat up by a mean and ornery iron
defender. Read on!

With the launch of the Twilight Forge Module, we will be introducing a
new system through which players gain favor with different groups by
completing specific adventures. Favor allows you access to special
items and rewards; the higher your favor, the greater the rewards. This
will be a dynamic system – as DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™:
Stormreach™ grows, the Patron system will grow, offering the chance for
new and better rewards as well as greater ties and involvement within
the various patron groups.

Most adventures in the game will be assigned a patron organization. By
completing an adventure you will gain favor with the affiliated patron
group. The amount of favor each completed adventure grants you is
determined by the Challenge Rating (level), length, and difficulty
setting (Normal, Hard, Elite etc.) of that adventure. When you have
gained enough favor with a particular group you will gain a new rank
(i.e., "Friendly" or "Honored") and a corresponding reward (for
example, gaining favor with House Kundarak will allow you to earn
additional bank space and gaining favor with the Coin Lords will give
you access to expanded inventory slots). Representatives from each of
the patron groups will be responsible for giving out new ranks and the
accompanying rewards. These Representatives can be found in various
locations throughout Stormreach.

When you have earned a new rank with a patron organization, a
congratulatory letter will be sent to your mailbox, inviting you to
visit the Patron's representative for your reward. You will be able to
track your favor with each of the patrons organizations with a new UI
element called the Adventure Compendium.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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