Dave Bonnewell at MMORPG.com Looks Behind the Online

In his weekly column at MMORPG.com, Dave Bonnewell reflects on different events from around the world of MMOs.

Lately, Blizzard has been speaking rather softly, but carrying a big ban-stick. Numerous unsuspecting denizens of World of Warcraft have already found themselves no longer welcome anywhere in all of Azeroth, a very good friend of mine included. Let me just fill you in on the gory details of how it went down. My friend (we'll call him Terrance, the Tauren Hunter) had been looking after a fellow guild mate's (we'll call her Ursula, the Undead Warlock) account while she soaked up the Jamaican sun on Summer vacation. It was not long before Terrance discerned that some items under his care were unaccounted for. He took the next logical step and shipped the remainder of his guildmate's valuables to himself for safekeeping, while Ursula submitted a GM ticket. Upon further investigation, this led to Blizzard deducing that Ursula's account had been hacked by Terrance and, thus, his World of Warcraft account was unceremoniously bludgeoned to oblivion with the hard-hitting Blizzard banstick.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016