Spacetime Studios has released the next evolution of their mobile free-to-play MMOG, Pocket Legends, with the launch of
Alien Oasis 3 - Trials of the Galactic Overlord. The latest update is priced at 20 Platinum (roughly $1.33) and will add 5 new campaign maps with new bosses, an increase in the level cap to 50, 2 new PvP maps, a new boss-filled mini dungeon and new shiny loot.

Alien Oasis 3: Trials of the Galactic Overlord unravels the ancient mysteries of the alien invasion of Alterra. The evil Overlord has returned to demand subservience from all of his subjects. Players have finally discovered the alien headquarters. It is up to them to prevent a disaster of galactic proportions!

This final chapter in the Alien Oasis trilogy is bigger and better than anything seen before, including new maps, mobs, and epic loot, plus a whole new set of bosses that will challenge the heartiest of adventurers!

 Check out the new Alien Oasis 3 - Trials of the Galactic Overlord trailer on YouTube.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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