Warhammer Online is revving up for the Update 1.3 release which introduces the Land of the Dead to the live servers!

To get fans into game quicker when the patch goes live, Mythic is offering a download that allows players to pre-patch before the update would be normally available. Less waiting for that dang patcher on launch day!!

The Land of the Dead awaits all who would dare to traverse its deadly sands. Ancient powers stand in long silence with vast secrets undiscovered. The forces of Destruction and the armies of Order are mustering their forces and gathering their supplies to determine who amongst them will be the the first to mount an expedition to the desert land of the Tomb Kings!

Starting today, you will be one step closer to bringing the WAR to the lands of Neheraka! Players can now get a jump start on Game Update 1.3 by pre downloading the bulk of the update here.

Upon visiting the 1.3 download page you will be prompted to download PrePatch1.3Setup.exe, which is a single 880 MB download. Simply install the file and continue to play the game as normal. The file will automatically be activated with the release of Game Update 1.3. That's all there is to it!

So prepare yourselves for WAR and get Game Update 1.3 today!

Please note: This pre patcher is for North American and Oceanic clients only. The GOA team will be launching our European pre patcher early next week.

Click here to get the pre-patcher and get your download going now!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016