And the Winner Is...

We've wrapped up our Ten Ton Hammer Vanguard Avatar Art Contest. We
asked you to create a set of 12 Vanguard avatars for use in our
forums. We received some great entries, and the judging
(conducted by Ten Ton Hammer staff) was close. The winner who emerged
with the highest number of votes was Geckzilla. Congratulations to her
for creating a gorgeous set of 12 avatars, and for winning a Vanguard
pre-order package for her efforts. Here are some samples of Geckzilla's
beautiful work:

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src=""> alt="Gnome"
src=""> alt="Goblin"
src=""> alt="Vulmane"


You can view Geckzilla's avatars, as well as others entered in our
contest, in our href="">forum
avatar gallery. (You'll have to be a forum member to get a
look, but you can register right
.) Feel free to use any of the avatars with your forum
account--that's what they were created for.

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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